17860416 - recruitment - human resources

Our belief is simple. Hiring is not a transaction!

To be successful, we must form a partnership with our clients.

We aim to provide you with valuable, time sensitive and long lasting recruitment services.

Above all, we will do all within our power to ensure that you are happy with the candidates we present to you!

What we do:

Develop a thorough understanding of your company, structure, and culture as well as a snapshot of profiles of successful people within your organization.

Understand essential functions, responsibilities and requirements for the position by reviewing job descriptions and gaining knowledge and/or speaking directly with hiring managers.

Clarify all compensation components including base salary, bonuses, incentives and benefits.

Source, Identify and Qualify candidates in order to present only qualified and interested candidates. Quantity is not our goal….quality and fit is!

Present qualified candidates with summaries addressing key components such as career history, goals, strengths and salary requirements.

Schedule any phone, personal or video interviews.

Communicate candidate and company feedback, concerns and interest level.

Partner with clients to check references, present job offers, coordinate start dates and negotiate with candidates as required.

Guarantee all placements to ensure that clients and candidates are happy!