The Retail Network is committed to providing a great partnership during your job search and interview process.  We guarantee the highest level of integrity, confidentiality and follow up. We do not treat the hiring process as a transaction. This is a PEOPLE business and regardless of the result of our joint efforts, we know you deserve to be treated with respect, transparency and professionalism.

We get it!

  • We realize that our candidates are not seeking a job, but a career and life changing opportunity, in which effects not only their professional lives but their personal as well.
  • We encourage all of our candidates to perform their own due diligence on every opportunity before being presented as a candidate.
  • The position, salary and company are only a small component in the overall picture.
  • The position you accept has to be the right FIT for you AND the company. Often an intangible, fit is often determined after one, or a series of interviews.
  • Never do we try and talk someone into taking a job that they don’t feel is the right fit for them.

We are committed to supporting our candidates throughout the entire process.

We offer:

  • Resume critique
  • Resume writing services
  • Comprehensive company information, background and job descriptions
  • Interview preparation before each interview
  • Full debriefing after every interview
  • Offer negotiation
  • An ear to talk to!

Whether our joint efforts result in success or not, our goal is to build a long term professional relationship and treat each candidate with the respect they deserve!

Actively looking? Passively looking? Or just curious?

Contact The Retail Network to discuss your career goals or Send your resume today!