Today’s resumes need to be impactful, easy to read, and well structured. And most importantly, it must be rich with Key Words and Skills that will allow you to rise to the top of ATS’ (Applicant Tracking Systems) that 98% of corporations use to screen and prioritize their TOP TALENT.

Update Existing Resume – $175

Has it been a while since you’ve updated your resume? Does it need a refresh or a major overhaul? We can help! 

Today it’s so important that your resume is professional, visually appealing and ATS Compliant.

Starting at  $175, we can update your existing resume, revising it where needed to make you stand out from the competition. The best time to update your resume is when you get your new job. It pays to be prepared! Pricing depends on resume complexity.

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New Resume – $225

A poorly written resume won’t stand out in a competitive job market, and if not properly optimized and formatted, will fall into the “Resume Black Hole”. Are you making the cut?

Cover Letter/Thank You Note $60

We are often asked: “Do I need a Cover Letter?”

The answer is sometimes YES…and sometimes NO. Many ATS’ and Recruiters require a cover letter and having an easily customizable one could be a real time saver and help highlight some of the accomplishments and soft skills that are not on your resume. 

Sometimes, what happens before or after the interview is just as important as the interview itself! For $60 each or $90 for both, we can design a professional cover letter to summarize your strengths and act as the perfect introduction to your resume. We can also create a succinct, well written thank you note to further express your interested in the position and your appreciation for the interview. Don’t let these details go ignored!

Don’t let your inability to write a strong resume hinder your search. Your resume is the most important component to starting a successful job search. We offer many styles, fonts,​ and formats to choose from.

To begin the process of designing/re-writing your resume or cover letter, call Gary Belastock at 508-944-2393 or email